Nayshan's Shooting Range Division install live fire range systems for the police and military as well as simulation training systems.

Our showroom in Kuwait City offers arms, ammunition and accessories along with tactical outdoor clothing and equipment from leading global brands.

TRACE Certified
We are pleased to announce that Nayshan Hunting & Equestrian Company is now TRACE Certified.

TRACE is a non-profit membership association working to reduce bribery in transactions involving intermediaries including agents, representatives, consultants, distributors and subcontractors among others.

TRACE works with companies who want innovative ways to protect their reputation, communicate their business ethics and meet their anti-bribery compliance obligations.

TRACE serves as a bridge between multinational companies and commercial intermediaries.

TRACE provides due diligence and training services to its members, reducing the risk, time and expense involved with anti-bribery compliance.

Principals are better protected and intermediaries better served by this independent organization.

Nayshan TRACE Certification

Nayshan Hunting & Equestrian Company has completed a TRACE Certificate Background Review.

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